Concert «Flowers from Nice» in Astana Opera

06.04.2015 09:36 1168



At the Astana Opera Chamber Hall on April 8 the concert «Flowers from Nice» of the subscription «Exploring Countries and Continents» that will send the audience on an unforgettable musical journey through Europe to Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Germany and France.

The program of the evening is a beautiful music «bouquet» of the melodic, lyrical works of chamber music on the theme of love and human emotions. All of them are popular examples of musical heritage created over the long history of European civilization. The works of composers R. Schumann, R. Strauss, M. Bruch, B. Bartók, H.Wieniawski, E. Grieg, E. Elgar, A. Dvorak, C. Debussy, F. Poulenc and D. Budaiwill convey to the audience special artistic atmosphere and diverse culture of Europe.

The opera soloists: Honoured Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aigul Niyazova (soprano), Honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan Alfiya Karimova (soprano), Asem Sembina (soprano), Azat Malik (baritone), as well as talented instrumentalists, international competitions laureates: Valery Moiseenko (violin), Shynar Barlykova (violin), Zhanibek Saparov (guitar) and K. Zhumakenov Flute Quintet: Zhibek Sapargalieva, Rosa Lebedeva, Zhanar Zheltyrguzova, Alima Abeuva, Aizhan Abdikalikova will also take part in the concert.

Piano – international competitions laureate Raushan Beskembirova.

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