Ballet about Men's Bravery on the Defender of the Fatherland Day

29.04.2015 09:57 1064


Onthe Defender of the Fatherland Day, ballet «Spartacus» of the legendary choreographer Yuri Grigorovichthat shows true courage demonstrated by men–staged will be performed in «Astana Opera». The epic-heroic ballet to the timeless music of Aram Khachaturian with set design by Simon Virsaladze will be offered to the audience not only on May 7, but on May 16 as well.

The Astana Opera soloists will perform the main roles. On May 7, the viewers will see Bakhtiyar Adamzhan (Spartacus), Arman Urazov (Crassus), the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madina Basbayeva (Phrygia), Aigerim Beketayeva (Aegina). On May 16, the audience will have a chance to evaluate other soloists: Doszhan Tabyldy (Spartacus), Arman Urazov (Crassus), Anel Rustemova (Phrygia), the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gaukhar Usina (Aegina). The Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aidar Abzhakhanov will be conducting.

«Spartacus» is an example of the highest synthesis of music, choreography and design. It is a rare masterpiece of ballet classics where male dances prevail.

The plot of the ballet addresses the events that took place inthe Roman Republic in 73 - 71 BC. Peaceful life comes to an end due to the legions of the Roman Empire, led by the cruel commander Crassus. The captives are doomed to slavery. Among them is Spartacus. However, Spartacuscannot accept the life of slavery. Spartacus is separated from his beloved Phrygia, who is brought to the commander Crassus. His interest in the new slave troubles the commander’s companion Aegina. In the midst of a revelry, Crassus orders to bring in the gladiators for amusement: let them fight to death in helmets that cover their eyes,without seeing their opponents. Spartacus wins, but being forced to kill a closefriendleaves him in despair. Spartacus is not willing to endure any more of this and decides to fight for freedom.