The central State museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites to the «Nikolya’s Chocolate Museum» exhibition

22.09.2015 15:27 1038


September 1, 2015. Almaty. The Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central State museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and “Nikolya’s chocolate museum”  present a talented chocolatier Nikolay Popov’s exhibition, dated for celebration of  Almaty City Day.

Within the world tour, the well-known author's exhibition "Nikolya’s Chocolate Museum" have visited more than 40 cities and attracted a large number of visitors — over 500.000 people. Now the  residents of Almaty and the guests of the southern capital are given a unique opportunity to get acquainted with chocolate history and products of the famous chocolatier Nikolay Popov, and also they have a chance to learn how to create chocolate wonders themselves, having participated in different actions and master classes.

300 of highest quality chocolate art works that are chocolate and marzipan sculptures, chocolate pictures framed in chocolate baguettes, chocolate miniatures, installations and compositions weighting more than 700 kg will be presented at "Nikolya’s Chocolate Museum" exhibition.

Especially for this exhibition and in honor to Almaty City Day, the famous chocolatier Nikolya prepares the set of chocolate art works that are dedicated to the Republic of Kazakhstan and wonderful city. The chocolate copies of some exhibits that are presented in the Central State museum exposition will be the highlight of the exhibition; they are Kazakh national jewelry, headwear, clothes and others.  

Throughout the duration of this exhibition, visitors will be able to participate in author’s master-class with the famous cultural and art workers, to be acquainted with the massive chocolate exhibits, which are dedicated to Almaty, and to be a participator of author’s master-classes concerning chocolate and marzipan. Besides, the first 1000 visitors will get exclusive chocolate souvenirs on the occasion of “Almaty City Day” celebration.  

Pictures, chocolate museum exhibits, sculptures and even the chocolate installations are combined into one composition immersing us into fantastic world of "Nikolya’s Chocolate Museum".

The opining of exhibition is September 23, 2015.