Paul Taylor: The Smithsonian Institution is ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan

18.07.2015 18:07 1192


July 18, 2015 Kazakh Research Institute of Culture of Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held a seminar by Paul Michael Taylor, who is a head of program of Asian culture history in the National Museum of the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, USA). The theme of the seminar was "Update management of museums, historical objects and cultural centers".

General Director of Kazakh Research Institute A. Khazbulatov and Dr. Paul Taylor pointed out that they planned sharing experiences and maintaining of scientific projects and beginning of these was done, in particularly Paul Taylor was interested in modern book publishing “Culture of Kazakhstan”. “The Smithsonian Institution is ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan in scientific and cultural projects”, Paul Taylor noted.

The heads of museums, lecturers, teachers and research workers of Kazakh Research Institute of Culture took part in the seminar. The discussions were held in six directions: “The history of cultures representations in museums and cultural centers”, “The functions of modern museum or cultural center”, “Introduction to information technologies and applications in museums”, “Scientific-research publications online, virtual exhibitions and usage of web-sources by museum”, “Exhibition activities” and “Museums as the centers of culture: museum’s activity integration in museum’s programs”.

Paul Taylor is an author of numerous books and scientific articles on ethnography, ethnobiology, languages and material culture of Asia, he has supervised seventeen museum exhibitions and consulted five documentaries. He has been a member of the Committee of Directors of the Association for Asian Studies and a member of the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Committee Smithsonian. He is an award winning of the American Association of Museums' “International Partnership of museums”. Dr. Taylor is a senior consultant by social questions and migration of World Bank Inspection team.

The Smithsonian Institution is an educational and scientific-research institute and the museum complex interfaced with it, too. This complex is the greatest storage of exhibits, museum’s values and artefacts in the world. The institute consists of 19 museums, zoo, 9 scientific-research centers and 156 museums that are branches of the Smithsonian Institution. The institute is a state agency, financed by the USA government, private contribution and owing to publishing and commercial activities.


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