Kazakh scientific research institute of culture and Centre for the rapprochement of cultures signed a memorandum

09.02.2018 13:45 851
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On 9th of February, 2018 a ceremony of signing the Memorandum on cooperation between Kazakh scientific research institute of culture of the Ministry of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Centre for the rapprochement of cultures was held in Almaty.

-         Centre for the rapprochement of cultures was created on 29th of December, 2015 by the initiative of the President of Republic of K        azakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and with the personal support of the Minister of culture and sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, - Karl Baipakov, the Director of the Centre for the rapprochement of cultures has noted. – Our Centre is a relevant state institute in the sphere of development and promotion of Kazakhstan culture. Signing of memorandum with the Kazakh scientific research institute, which is one of the oldest institutions in Kazakhstan, will be a significant one. Since the  General Conference UNESCO has established a period of 2013-2022 as the International decade of cultures rapprochement. I believe that our common efforts will give new impetus to promotion of cultural diversity, will let us to focus research of leading scientists in the sphere of archaeology  and cultural studies as well as will speed up the process of globalization of Kazakhstan culture and at the same time retaining the identification of the main ideological platform of our country.

In the frames of realization of the Memorandum the parties have noted the readiness in organization of scientific expeditions, trainings and seminars on exchange of advanced technologies in the field of preservation, restoration, conservation of cultural heritage, organization of traineeships for young researches in the area of culture and art.

-         Centre for the rapprochement of cultures, established by the Ministry of culture and sports, - the only institution in Kazakhstan under the auspices of UNESCO. Moreover, the director – an outstanding scientist-archaeologist, academician and doctor of historical sciences Karl Moldakhmetovich Baipakov adds “value” and proper status. Thus, meeting the main target of the signed memorandum – to unite efforts in the development of global scientific research projects in the field of culture, science and interfaith dialogue – with such a partner there is going to be a beginning of new accomplishments and discoveries, - summed up the general director of the institute  Andrey Khazbulatov.