Kazakh Research Institute of Culture and Bravo Media, Inc. US company signed an agreement on collaboration

05.05.2018 13:05 600

Kazakh Research Institute of Culture of Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Bravo Media, Inc. signed an agreement on collaboration in the sphere of research projects, documentary films co-production, digitalization of film footage and museum store items and startup projects support. The document was signed during the visit of the director general of the institute, Dr Andrey Khazbulatov, to the US.

Tim Donovan, the founder and CEO of Bravo Media, Inc. expressed his admiration for the history and culture of Kazakhstan as he proposed he had found himself interested in the collaboration and promotion of Kazakhstani brands on global platforms. Furthermore, it is notable that Bravo Media, Inc. finances science and documentary film production projects. Bravo Media, Inc. happens to be one of the leaders on the US digital technologies market. The company collaborates with Google, Mercedes-Benz, Nike and other giant transnational companies and executes projects on creative content production and promotion on the Internet.