The Smithsonian Institution is to release a monograph about Kazakhstan’s culture

05.05.2018 17:00 628

In 2019 a monographic album on the culture of Kazakhstan is planned to be published. This could be achieved due to the agreement between Kazakh Research Institute of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Recently the agreements on this and many other shared projects execution have been signed by the director general of Kazakh Research Institute of Culture, Dr Andrey Khazbulatov and the director of A.C.H.P. of the Smithsonian Institution, Dr Paul Michael Taylor

-          The Smithsonian Institution has been in a partnership relations with Kazakh Research Institute of Culture for the duration of multiple years. It is being discussed to include Kazakhstani music and art into the monographic album issued by the two institutions.

According to Dr Paul Taylor, the idea to develop a monograph dedicated to the culture of Kazakhstan is currently being processed into a structural conception of how the album is supposed to look like.

Furthermore, the sides discussed the research partnership extension perspectives through international funds and fundraising and the issues of researchers professional development on the historic museum basis.

It has also been agreed to arrange Dr Paul Taylor’s visit to Astana regarding the matters of museum staff professional development in the sphere of the implementation of new innovative digital technologies into current museum policy.

Dr Paul Taylor is an expert in the Central Asia relations department of the US government, author of a multitude of books and scientific articles on ethnography, entobiology, languages and material culture of Asia as well as he happens to be a museum exhibition coordinator and a consulting speaker in various documentary films.

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