Kazakh Research Institute of Culture under the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the leading research and project organization of the Republic of Kazakhstan in system analysis of the cultural sphere of the country in all levels. The Institute is involved in the development of the state cultural policy, carry out the work in the field of culture and information to provide scientific and methodological state support, complex studying and preserving historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

The Institute’s activity focuses on entirely studying and developing in the sphere of culture, art and science in the Republic of Kazakhstan and presented in the following areas:

1. Development, organization and actualization researches in the field of culture and art, history and archeology;

2. Proposal to government agencies in development draft laws and other normative legal acts, state and branch programs in the field of culture and art, history and archeology;

3. Participation in actualization republican and international projects in the field of culture and art, history and archeology;

4. Administration scientific and methodical, consulting and expert assistance to culture and art, history and archeology organizations;

5. Development of international cooperation with institutions and organizations in the field of culture and art, history and archeology;

6. Organizing and conducting professional development courses for culture and art, history and archeology workers;

7. Carriage and actualization of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s national cultural heritage state register;

8. Development of projects, concepts, regulations, instructions, rules regarding museum, archives, conservation, restoration and librarianship;

9. Development of research and project documentation for conservation, usage and museumification monuments of history and culture, history and archeology, development of their infrastructure;

10. Invention of an electronic database of historical and cultural monuments of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

11. Conducting archeological, conservation and restoration works of historical and cultural monuments;

12. Conducting historical and cultural expertise in protection and usage of historical and cultural monuments, about their territories and protection zones with the issuance of the relevant reports, reviews and recommendations;

13. Preparation and conducting republican and international scientific and practical, creative and public conferences, seminars, symposiums, forums, meeting in the field of culture and art, history and archeology;

14. Conducting sociological and analytical studies of culture, art, library and museum.

15. Production and rotation of popular science movies and documentaries;

16. Implementation of the scientific and cultural publishing activity;

17. Implementation of conservation and restoration, scientific and attributive, expositional activity.