About the institute

Departmental affiliation:

Ministry of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Kazakh scientific research institute was created in 1934 as one of the first scientific research centers in Kazakhstan and immediately became the outpost of science. Outstanding scientists and educators were the source of it: Sarsen Amanzholov, Saken Seifullin, Mukhtar Auezov, Akhmet Baitursynov, Konyrkhozha Khodzhikov, Sanzhar Asphendiyarov, Kudaibergen Zhubanov and others. And now the staff of Kazakh institute of culture, among which representatives of scientific and art intelligentsia, professionals, famous scientists of Kazakhstan and foreign countries continue their ancestors’ activity. They take vigorous actions in science, put the energy of the intelligence and heart into exploring, realizing, development and furthering the unique cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. At the same time there are young scientists and creative managers, who are engaged in scientific research in a wide range of culture, history, art, archeology using new methodological strategies.

The mission

The mission of the Kazakh scientific research institute is to conduct an in-depth systemic analysis in the sphere of culture in accordance with the Conception of cultural policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, integration into world cultural space and effective international cooperation.